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„Our own physical bodies possess a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack!“                                                                                                             

                                                                                                       Henry Miller

Yes, this is what we are trying to remedy! Yoga practices are design to help each of us get intouch with this miraculous wisdon amd intelligence that resides within us all. Nature is everywhere beautiful and touches the infinite. We can find our true connection to Nature by investigating our own nature with practices like yoga. My intent in the days of this intensive is to touch this possibility.

There are a small set of principals, if known, which bring us into contact with our deeper sense of self which in certain ways in non-different from All things everywhere. There is peace and comfort in this experience. This is yoga. We will use Traditional Ashtanga Yoga to gain an experience of YOGA.

It is recommended to attend all 5 days. Exceptions can be made with priority to those attending all 5 days. This first moments are the most important as that is where we set the intention, direction and  quality of effort.

Please join us, whether experienced or beginner!




5 day Sama Ashtanga Yoga Intensive

TIME: Thursday: 5.30-7.30pm welcome and introduction

            Friday-Monday: 9-12am morning session, 2-5pm afternoon session

PLACE: Ashtanga Yoga Basel, St. Johanns-Ring 133, 4056 Basel

COSTS: 500 CHF full intensive, 450 CHF for students and AYB abo holders

REGISTRATION and questions to: yoga@ashtanga-basel.ch